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Democrat Threatens to use Radio Free Europe Against Democracy, The Washington Examiner, December 12, 2019

Liberal Internationalists are Turning on Central Europe’s Right Wing Governments, and it Looks Like They Have State Department Help, Daily Caller, December 6, 2019

False Claims Against Hungary a Product of Deep State Control, Newsmax, December 2, 2019

Hungary as a Model in US Conservative Circles, Hungary Today, November 25, 2019

Hungary Squares the Circle of Globalization, The Economic Standard, November 26, 2019

D.C. & Hungarian Baseball Clubs — Plus Hungarian-American Institute, Launch Player-Exchange Program for Summer 2018 With Budapest Reds, July 2018


Legényes – BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble, November 23, 2019.
Hungarian American Institute Executive Director Jozsef Szamosfalvi discusses the beauty, culture and politics of Hungary with media host Armstrong Williams, August 5, 2019.